Beatie Street

Beatie Street Preschool opened its doors over 35 years ago and was looking to refresh its brand.

I spent time observing the kids and their daily activities to better understand the school culture and connections that resonated with the school community. The children interacted with the chickens in the play yard on a regular basis and took pride in telling the grown ups about their behavior and how they magically laid eggs. The chickens were in essence a symbol of learning and became a source of inspiration for the logo design.

I used a silhouette of one of the chickens as a backdrop for the logo and customized a handwritten font to include the school’s name. The result was a playful and relevant brand that the entire Beatie community could easily relate to. The logo design has been used on signage, collateral, tote bags, and screen printed t-shirts for school fundraisers.

Art Director / Brand Designer